How to enable Remote access on Neat

Last updated on March 16, 2022

Neat’s Remote access feature allows administrators to log in to Neat’s web admin via a web browser and access/retrieve useful information. It is now possible to collect logs, upload certificates, view general system information (like serial number etc), and configure audio & video settings through this web admin.

Note: At the time of writing this article, it is still a beta feature.

1. Enable Remote access (beta)

On Neat Pad, Neat Board, or Neat Frame:

Step 1: First navigate to Neat’s System Settings.

Using Zoom: Click on Zoom Settings -> General -> System Settings -> Enter passcode* -> you will now enter Neat’s System Settings. (*Zoom Room passcode is 00000 or 01234 by default; alternatively go to Zoom admin portal, navigate to Room management -> Zoom Rooms-> find your Zoom room and click ‘Edit’ next to its name -> Rooms profile and search for ‘Room Passcode’. Some users may not be required to enter a passcode.)

Using Microsoft Teams: Click on Microsoft settings (More) -> Settings -> Device Settings -> you will now enter Neat’s System settings.

Step 2: From Neat’s System Settings, navigate to System -> Remote access (beta) -> toggle the option to enable it.

Step 3: You will now need to enter a password and it must be at least 8 characters long. The default username is admin.

Step 4: Once you have set the password, you will see the following messages on the Neat Pad (a similar message will be displayed on the Neat Board/Frame):

  • Neat Pad https://<ipaddress_of_NeatPad>
  • Neat Bar https://<ipaddress_of_NeatBar>

Step 5: Now you can open your computer’s web browser and navigate to https://<ip_address> (where ip_address is the Neat device’s IP address).

Note: Your browser will most likely report the website to be untrusted as Neat will provide its self-certified root certificate. You can accept this warning and move forward on the webpage. Some browsers will not allow you to bypass the error and in that case, please use a different web browser.

Step 6: You will now see the following login prompt on your browser. Enter the credentials you have set up in Step 3 (default username is admin).

Figure 1: Remote access: Login prompt

Step 7: Once you log in, you will see the following Status page. This page will provide you with details such as your device’s MAC addresses, serial number, firmware version and IP address. On the left side, you can choose between ‘Status‘ and ‘System‘ pages.

Figure 2: Remote access: Status page

2. Remote access: Status page

The Status page (Figure 2) allows you to download logs and view general system information, such as MAC addresses, IP address, serial number, firmware version, NTP server, etc.

2.1 Downloading logs:

On the Status page, you can download the logs from the device by clicking the Get logs button. When downloading logs from Neat Bar/Bar Pro, please make sure you download logs from both Bar and Pad.

IMPORTANT: Rebooting removes the previous log from the device. If you have been asked to provide logs, please reproduce the issue and download the logs before rebooting.

Note: It is not possible to view the downloaded log as it will be in an encrypted format (file extension .p7m). 

3. Remote Access: Audio and Video

From May 2021, we introduced the Audio & Video settings via the web admin (Figure 3) of the Neat Bar/Bar Pro, Neat Board and Neat Frame. Before this release, the Audio & Video settings were only available via the Neat Pad and admins had to go to Neat’s System Settings on the Neat Pad to access this information. This meant that to enable/disable options such as Auto-framing, Neat Symmetry or Music Mode, the admins had to physically go into the meeting room.

It is now possible for admins to remotely access the Audio & Video settings and modify the options without having to be present in the room. 

Note: The Audio & Video settings are only available via the web admin of Neat Bar/Bar Pro, Neat Board, and Neat Frame. These options are not available on the Neat Pad’s web admin.    

Note: Any changes made during an ongoing meeting will take effect once the meeting ends.

Figure 3: Remote access: Audio & Video settings for Neat Bar/Bar Pro/Neat Board/Neat Frame

4. Remote access: System

On the System page (Figure 3) you can upload certificates and reboot the device.

Figure 4: Remote access: System page

4.1 Uploading certificates:

You can upload a Certificate Authority’s (CA) X.509 certificate to Neat’s trust store. For more information, see the Neat February 2021 release notes.

On Neat device’s web admin, click on ‘System’ and you will be able to add and view certificates in Neat’s trust store (see Figure 4).

Neat supports .pem/.der/.cer/.cert/.crt file formats. 

IMPORTANT: Once you upload a certificate, please reboot your Neat device. If you have a paired Neat Bar/Bar Pro and Neat Pad, you will need to upload the CA certificate to both Neat Bar and Neat Pad’s trust stores and reboot both devices.

5. Remote access: Access settings and password management

5.1 Hide remote access password 

Before June 2021 release, it was possible to view the remote access password if a user could enter Neat’s system settings. We have made a change to make this more secure for our customers. Now once you configure the remote access password for the first time on a Neat Pad, a Neat Board or a Neat Frame, the password is hidden for security.

5.2 Manage remote access password

From June 2021, it is now possible to remotely change the Remote access password via the Neat Bar/Bar Pro, Neat Board and Neat Frame’s web admin. In addition, it is also possible to ‘Lock remote access settings on device’ so that it is not possible to change the password or turn remote access off from the device (this option is disabled by default). 

Please navigate to the Neat Bar/Bar Pro, Neat Board or Neat Frame’s web admin and once you log in, click on the ‘Access settings’ on the lower-left corner. You can then change the password as well as lock remote access settings on the device. 

Figure 5: Access Settings via Neat Bar/Bar Pro or Neat Board’s web admin

Once you enable lock remote access settings, the Neat Pad, Neat Board, or Neat Frame’s Remote access settings will no longer show a password field and instead advise the user to sign in from the web browser to make any changes.

Figure 6: When Lock Settings is applied via the web admin, the password field is no longer visible through the Neat device’s (Pad/Board/Frame) System Settings -> System -> Remote access