Neat Device Attributes for Microsoft Intune Conditional Access Device Exclusions

Last Updated: April 17, 2023

Neat device attribute assignments have recently changed, and conditional access device exclusion rules may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Previous device attribute assignment

Previously the only attribute with Neat specific information was “displayName”.

  • “displayName”: “NeatframeNF21D1”
  • “manufacturer”: null
  • “model”: null

Current device attribute assignment

Current attribute assignments provide additional information. The recommended attribute to exclude all Neat devices is “manufacturer”, and the “model” attribute can be used to exclude specific Neat device types.

  • “displayName”: “MTRoA_Android_4/11/2023_7:20 PM”
  • “manufacturer”: “Neatframe”
  • “model”: “NF19B1”

Note: previous conditional access device exclusion rules that were configured using the “displayName” attribute will need to be modified to use “manufacturer” or “model”.

Confirm attributes currently assigned for devices

Graph API’s can be used to confirm the values that are assigned for your device in Microsoft. The following guide contains helpful instructions on how to use Graph APIs to pull device attribute details: Use device filters for conditional access policies to exclude/include specific devices – SMBtotheCloud. More information on what permissions are required to run the Graph API commands can be found in the following Microsoft documentation: Get device – Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Learn