Neat End of Life Policy

The purpose of Neat’s EOL policy is to help our customers manage product EOL transitions and migration to new Neat products, as existing products become obsolete due to market changes, replacement technologies becoming available, or development driven changes. This policy applies to all Neat hardware, software, subscriptions, and services, collectively referred to as “Products”.

The End-of-Life process is a series of milestones that concludes with a product becoming obsolete, meaning it is no longer sold, supported, maintained or improved.

Neat End-of-Life milestones

  • The official End-of-Sale (EOS) notification is typically provided six (6) months prior to the EOS date. Circumstances may arise where Neat must provide an EOS notification without six (6) months prior notice, in which case Neat will provide such notice as soon as reasonably possible.
  • After the EOS date, the relevant Neat Product will no longer be available for purchase.
  • The last customer ship date for hardware is typically three (3) months after the EOS date.
  • For customers who have an active support and service contract, Neat will provide the following from the date of EOS for a Product: One (1) year of firmware maintenance releases, bug fixes and security patches. In this period, Neat will make its best effort to make new features available through software updates where possible and appropriate but cannot guarantee any new features on products that have reached the EOS date.
    • One (1) year after the EOS date, additional two (2) years of firmware patches for critical bugs and security updates only.
    • Three (3) years of hardware and software issue investigations, subject to an active support contract that includes technical support. Customers may be required to upgrade to the latest firmware release and reproduce the problem before such an investigation is carried out.
    • Three (3) years of replacement parts for hardware, in accordance with Neat’s Return Materials Authorization (RMA) process. At Neat’s sole discretion, an approved RMA can be executed using new or refurbished replacement parts, or same or comparable products.

Three (3) years after the EOS date, the Product reaches its Last Day of Support (LDOS) date and will no longer be supported, maintained or improved.

3rd party application software is dependent upon the vendor’s software support policy, and Neat will not be responsible for maintaining support for 3rd party software after the EOS date, including performing 3rd party software issue investigations. 

If a Product has been designated for EOS, customers may renew an existing support contract for up to one (1) year, provided the contract end date does not exceed the LDOS date.

Disclaimer: situations may arise when a certain solution may not be provided for a product that has reached its EOS date, due to hardware or software limitations or dependence on 3rd party software providers. In such cases, Neat will use commercially reasonable efforts to find a workaround or provide alternative commercially viable solutions.