Neat Microsoft Teams Rooms Technical Issues Update

Last updated on December 12, 2023

As some of you are aware, a portion of Microsoft’s Teams Rooms customers have recently been experiencing periodic technical issues – specifically control panel pairing problems and account sign-outs. Microsoft has been working on these issues with urgency.

More information on the issues being addressed can be found here – Teams Rooms and devices on Android.

1. How Neat is delivering this update

Microsoft provided us with an updated software build with improvements and until now Neat has been testing these latest updates in our Preview channel. The good news is that significant progress has been made and Neat has now promoted this Microsoft software build into our Stable channel (as of December 9, 2023).

As long as your Neat equipment was up and on the network after 2:00pm Central European Time (8:00am Eastern US / 5:00am Pacific US) on Saturday, December 9th, the update would have been downloaded into the Stable update channel on your device.

Teams Rooms users will likely see some improvements in this release regarding the ongoing issues that Microsoft refers to here. As Microsoft makes progress on these issues, we will continue to update you as new improvements become available.

You can find more information about the latest software release notes from here

2. What should you do if you continue to see these issues after the upgrade?

If you believe that the upgrade has not resolved your ongoing issues, please reach out to Neat technical support via the contact form here: Contact Support Form

Amongst other troubleshooting asks, the technical support team may ask you to send the Neat and TAC logs from your device.

3. What should you do when encountering issues while signing in?

Some users have reported Intune-related-sign-in errors on Neat devices after facing ongoing signout problems, as detailed by Microsoft here. The two most common errors are Workplace Join (Section 3.1) and Device Administrator errors (Section 3.2).

3.1 Workplace Join Error when attempting to Sign in

If signing back in is causing “Couldn’t connect to Workplace Join. Try again, or contact your admin” – error, you have likely reached the device limit for this account. These device limits are found in Intune and Azure Active Directory (AAD) (see section 3.1.1). Each unsuccessful attempt at signing in on devices is registered in Endpoint Manager as a device. If the number of devices triggers the device limit (section 3.1.1) you will receive a “Workplace Join” error and need to manually remove these devices as discussed below:

To remove devices, an admin should use Endpoint Manager:
Endpoint Manager> Devices > Android > Android Devices > Search username associated with the account. You can then select each device and delete it. Please note that this is done individually and can take up to 15 minutes to apply.

To remove devices from a user account, an admin should use Endpoint Manager/Microsoft Azure Active Directory/Entra ID: AAD> Users> Search for user > Select user assigned to device experiencing this error and delete any old devices

Once a few minutes have passed please try signing in again.

3.1.1 Where to find these limits:

In Intune > Devices > Enroll Devices > Enrollment Device limit Restrictions > Device limit: You can view the limit for the Maximum number of devices per user

In AAD > Devices > Overview > Device Settings tab: You can view the limit for the Maximum number of devices per user

3.2. Device administrator error when attempting to Sign in

If signing back in is causing “Device administrator is disabled. Contact your admin” – error, it is possible that the Android Device Administrator (ADA) is disabled.

Please ensure Android Device Administrator (ADA) is allowed in your Enrollment Device Restrictions – Intune

  • Device enrollment restrictions let admins restrict devices from enrolling in Intune and you must ensure ADA is allowed and the minimum is set to Android 10 as per the Microsoft Teams requirements outlined here.
  • To check Device Enrollment Restrictions in Intune please navigate to IntuneDevices > Android > Android enrollment > Personal and corporate-owned devices with device administration privileges > Use device administrator to manage devices.
  • For more information on setting up ADA for Microsoft Teams Rooms, please see: Set up device administrator enrollment

As always, we are grateful to each and every one of you for entrusting your organization’s communications to Neat. Thanks!