How to setup Neat Pad as a Controller for Neat Board and other Zoom Rooms

Last updated March 5, 2021

Do I need a Neat Pad to work with a Neat Board?

The Neat Board is a self-sufficient Zoom Room device with touch screen and does not require a Neat Pad to configure it. This is unlike the Neat Bar, which requires its own dedicated Neat Pad.

However, there are considerable benefits of having a Neat Pad as an additional Zoom Room Controller for the Neat Board. For example, you may have a large meeting room and do not want to walk to the Neat Board every time you want to join/leave/mute the meeting and instead would like to have a Neat Pad on a desk closer to your participants. You can then buy a Neat Pad and choose the setup ‘Add a controller’ to use with the Neat Board. Similarly, you can use the Neat Pad as a scheduling display for your meeting room as well. There can be up to 10 controllers and/or schedulers connected to a single room.

Can I use a Neat Pad with 3rd party Zoom Rooms?

The Neat Pad can serve as a Zoom Room Controller or a Zoom Room Scheduling display for other Zoom Rooms systems besides the Neat Bar and the Neat Board. There can be up to 10 controllers and/or scheduling displays connected to a single room.

Considerations when using a Neat Pad with Neat Board or 3rd party systems

When paired with a Neat Bar, you can configure all of the Neat Bar’s system settings through the Neat Pad. However, this is not the case when you use the Neat Pad as a standalone controller for the Neat Board. The Neat Board’s system settings will still need to be accessed through the Board itself; the Neat Pad will only allow you to control features such as joining a meeting, navigating the directory, in-meeting features such as mute/unmute etc.

Similarly when using Neat Pad with other Zoom Rooms, some system settings for that Zoom Room will not be available on Neat Pad. Consult the user manual / support documentation for the Zoom Room system you are using for configuration information.

How to configure a Neat Pad as a Zoom Room Controller

Please note: Administrator access is required when pairing Neat Pad with a Zoom Room that is not tied to your own personal Zoom account (Personal Zoom Room). If you do not have administrative access, request assistance from your Zoom administrator.

  1. Make sure the room you want to schedule is activated in your Zoom subscription.
  2. Connect the Pad to power (either using Power over Ethernet [PoE] on your wired network, or using the supplied PoE adapter if using wifi). Refer to the diagram printed on the Neat Pad packaging.
  3. Once Neat Pad starts up, select the preferred language and press ‘Continue’
  4. Choose the option “Add a controller” and press ‘Continue’
  5. Change network details if needed and press ‘Continue’
  6. Change the time format and time zone if needed and press ‘Continue’
  7. Press ‘Launch Zoom Rooms’

You will now need to activate Neat Pad with your Zoom subscription. If you have an activation code for the room, you can select ‘enter activation code’ and enter the 16 digit code. (Note: You can use the same activation code used to set up the Zoom room itself. Locate the activation code in that specific Zoom Room entry in the Administrator section of your organization’s Zoom subscription settings at

If you don’t have the activation code, then follow the instructions below:

  1. Press ‘Sign in’.
  2. Enter your Zoom account details.
  3. Then select the endpoint you want to control from the drop-down list.

Now the Neat Pad is up and running as controller for your Zoom Room.