Neat’s technical support policy

Last updated on July 19, 2022

Neat will provide support for Neat devices running current released software version and the previous released software version.

  • By current released software, we mean software available through both ‘stable’ and ‘preview’ channels. However, the ‘preview’ channel software should be used for testing purposes only; it is not for for wider production use.
  • By previous released software, we mean the last ‘stable’ software release before the current ‘stable’ was promoted.

If you have opted out of ‘Automatic updates’ (option available from February 2021 release), you will become responsible for manually upgrading your Neat devices software using your videoconferencing platform’s device manager (Zoom Room administrator portal or Microsoft Teams Admin Center).

To ensure you can always get support from Neat’s technical team, please keep your devices on a supported software release. If you encounter an issue with older software (outside our support policy), when you reach out to Neat technical support, we will ask you to upgrade to a supported software release first.

For any questions or concerns, or if you need Neat’s technical team, please email us at