Technical issue update: Neat pads not displaying any call control options

Last updated June 27, 2024

Issue description

The Neat team introduced a new Pulse Agent software on 26th of June 2024 to the Neat devices that are enrolled in the Neat Pulse management platform. This Pulse Agent software in the Neat device is responsible for communicating with the Pulse Management Platform. During this installation, a small selection of Neat Pads ended up in a state where they were not displaying any call control menu (see Figure 1: below). As a result, these Neat Pads could not be used for meeting room control or monitoring purposes.

Figure 1: Neat Pad not showing up with any menu/controls for the application

What caused this issue?

This is still an ongoing investigation and our engineers are working hard to fully determine the root cause. At this time we believe this is sometimes triggered if the Pulse agent software was installed and completed on the paired Neat Pad prior to the Pulse agent software being installed and completed on the Neat Bar/Bar Pro/Board.

How to recover from this problem?

If your Neat Pad is stuck in this state, please restart the device, either from the Pulse management platform or by physically disconnecting and reconnecting the cable on the Pad. This should recover the device so that you can use it for meeting room controls again.

In addition, the Neat team has implemented a cloud configuration change that will resolve the issue without a manual reboot within the next 5 hour window (should be addressed by 1am UTC, June 28).

How to get help?

If you are still encountering issues with this issue, please reach out to Neat Technical Support team by emailing