Using Neat Pad as a Scheduling Display for Zoom Rooms

Last updated April 10, 2023

In addition to its use as a  Zoom Room Controller, Neat Pad can be installed and configured as a Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display. There can be up to 10 controllers and/or scheduling displays connected to a single room.

Please note: Administrator access is required when pairing Neat Pad with a Zoom Room that is not tied to your own personal Zoom account (Personal Zoom Room). If you do not have administrative access, request assistance from your Zoom administrator.

Setting up the Neat Pad as Scheduling Display

  1. Make sure the room you want to schedule is activated in your Zoom subscription.
  2. Connect the Pad to power (either by using Power over Ethernet [PoE] on your wired network, or by using the supplied PoE adapter if using Wi-Fi), which will power up the Neat Pad. Refer to the diagram printed on the Neat Pad packaging.
  3. Once Neat Pad starts up, select the preferred language and press ‘Continue’.
  4. Choose the option “Add Neat Pad for room availability” and press ‘Continue’.
  5. Next, change network details if needed (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and press ‘Continue’.
  6. Change the time format and time zone if needed and press ‘Continue’.
  7. If it is the first time the Pad is being setup, the Pad may require an update before advancing.
  8. Press ‘Launch Zoom Rooms’.

Activating the Zoom Room Scheduling Display

You will now activate Neat Pad with your Zoom subscription. If you have an activation code for the room, you can press ‘enter activation code’ and enter the 16 digit code.

Note: You can use the same activation code used to set up the Zoom room itself found under Zoom Rooms in the Zoom Admin Portal. For more information on the Zoom Room setup, such as setting up a Scheduling Display Only room, visit this article on Using Zoom Rooms scheduling displays.

If you don’t have the activation code, follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit and sign into the the Admin account for your organization
  2. Enter the 6-digit code that appears on the Neat Pad display after launching the Zoom app
  3. Select the room you wish to add the Neat Pad to on your browser


  1. Press ‘Email’ under Sign in with
  2. Enter your Zoom account details.
  3. Select the endpoint you want to control from the drop-down list.

Neat Pad should now display the schedule of the Zoom Room to which it has been assigned. It may take a few minutes to sync with the Zoom cloud and display the calendar of the Zoom Room. Are your events not appearing on Neat Pad? Check the settings for the Zoom Room you have assigned to Neat Pad in the Zoom Administrator Portal to see if a calendar resource has been properly assigned to that Zoom Room. You will need administrator rights to view the calendar settings.