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Payment, order and delivery

For pricing and purchasing Neat Devices, you can can work with Neat’s global partner network or order online from neat.no.

Neat accepts all major credit cards and bank transfers. Customers who are placing frequent orders or large transactions can apply for credit with Neat here.

In most cases, credit cards decline because the billing address and/or billing zip code does not match where statements are sent. Please verify the billing address listed on the order before submitting the order for approval.

There is a short window to stop orders already placed from shipping! Contact us on orders@neat.no and we will do our best to assist you.

We do not currently offer third-party freight billing.

Shipment times of Neat devices may vary depending on the product type, delivery location and stock availability. Please reach out to orders@neat.no for more information on your specific query. 

Today Neat devices ship from our UPS global distribution centers in the US, Europe, Japan and more recently Australia. These are located as follows:

  • Louisville, Kentucky, US
  • Venlo, Netherlands
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Sydney, Australia

If you have an urgent order-related query, you can reach our team anytime at orders@neat.no.

The shipping terms used by Neat are:

  • FCA Louisville, Kentucky
  • FCA Venlo, Amsterdam
  • FCA Tokyo, Japan
  • FCA Sydney, Australia

Neat will use our supply chain partner to prepare the shipment, commercial invoice, and all other required export paperwork which will be filed in advance and then follow the shipment to its final destination. You, the customer, will be named as the Importer of Record for the shipment. The broker for the shipment will be UPS.

When the shipment arrives at its destination country, UPS will clear the shipment and bill all appropriate customs and duties taxes directly to you, the customer. These duties and taxes must be paid in full before the order will be released from customs and you will be contacted directly for payment as these are not included in the purchase price from Neat. Since you will be contacted directly by the shipper, it is imperative that the correct contact name and phone number are listed for the person that will fulfill the duties and taxes payment obligations. If there are any questions on this please contact us on orders@neat.no.

Yes. To ship to multiple addresses within the same order, contact orders@neat.no.

Our sole focus is to deliver the best experience across the entire Zoom customer journey. Neat’s business was designed and optimized for US shipping for our first customer shipments starting in January 2020.

Since then, we’ve worked hard to add a European distribution facility in Venlo, Netherlands, to service our rapidly growing European customer base more efficiently.  This was then followed by our Tokyo, Japan warehouse, and most recently we have added Sydney, Australia to the list, as Neat is becoming ever popular with our APAC customer base. Having a global distribution service eliminates the complexities of importing and exporting goods along with the assignment and payment of VAT and taxes, which can sometimes be intimidating and confusing.

Most importantly, the locations of these distribution centers mean that we can deliver quickly to our customers. Our strategic alliance with UPS gives us scope to place our products in UPS distribution centers throughout over 125 countries. So really, we’re only just getting started.

Please note that shipment times may vary depending on the product type, delivery location and stock availability. For information on specific orders, please reach out to orders@neat.no.

Neat limited time promotion

To celebrate the 3 year launch anniversary of Neat, we are offering customers the opportunity to get 3 Neat Frame devices for the price of 2. That means when a customer purchases 2 Neat Frame devices, they get the 3rd Neat Frame device at no cost. This is a limited time offer available beginning October 14th to November 30th or while supplies last.

No. This limited time offer is only available for Neat Frame.

This limited time offer is available to any customer, both new and existing.

This limited time offer is available through any Neat certified reseller or from Neat.

That’s fine! The customer gets 1 Neat Frame device at no cost for every 2 purchased.

Neat Frame is a highly flexible personal desktop device ideal for a range of spaces, particularly in a hybrid work and collaboration environment. The primary use cases include:

  • Home office or executive office space  

    Neat Frame is perfect as a personal video device for pairing with a laptop or desktop computer, whether in the  home or executive office. It’s especially great for those in meetings for more than four hours a day. Users simply sing into their Zoom or Microsoft Teams account and sync their calendar, contacts and phone number. Neat Frame is a dedicated video device that frees up the laptop or desktop computer. For Microsoft Teams users, Neat Frame extends to more than just video meetings. It’s a personal productivity device.

  • Hot desking

    Neat Frame provides a fantastic experience as a hot desking solution for businesses of all sizes. It provides a top-quality video meeting experience in a reservable, shared, open office workspace environment. With a Microsoft Teams or Zoom Phone license, businesses remove multiple devices from the hot desk space to provide both video and audio capabilities across open or shared desk spaces.

  • Focus room/booth/office pod

    Neat Frame is ideal for focus rooms, booths or pods for 1-2 people, thanks to its slimline shape and slender footprint (just 22cm across and 11cm deep). It lets you quickly join a meeting, take a call via video or phone and has an incredibly simple plug-in and play setup. All you need is power and Wi-Fi.

  • Office lobby or front desk receptionist

    Zoom’s virtual kiosk opens the door for a virtual receptionist. Use cases include:

    • Remote front desk receptionist
    • IT help desk
    • Facilities request

For more information about this limited time offer, beginning Friday, October 14th please visit https://neat.no/frame-3-for-2/.

Yes. Neat offers two ways for customers  to try Neat Frame risk-free for up to 30 days, either through our Neat Demo Program or through a certified Neat reseller.


Neat Partner Program

The Neat partner program offers Neat devices for purchase to end customers from select Neat Authorized Partners around the globe. Neat Partners are carefully selected based on set criteria, which includes a commitment to deliver the best experience for Neat customers along the entire customer journey. The Neat Partner Program offers two levels of partner participation, providing partners the flexibility to scale their partnership with Neat over time.

Neat Referral Partners refer customer opportunities to Neat. The partner purchases systems from Neat, and maintains the direct relationship with the customer. There are no sales targets or demo equipment requirements, so it’s an easy way for motivated
partners to begin working with Neat.

Neat Reseller Partners are existing Zoom partners that have previously closed customer opportunities with Neat. These partners enjoy the highest level of benefits and support, including discounted demo equipment, and sales and technical training. Neat and Zoom will work closely with Reseller Partners to provide all levels of customer support as needed.

A partner can become a Neat Referral Partner in a couple of simple steps. Bring a net new opportunity to Neat and agree to Neat’s General Terms & Conditions on the website. You can register a deal at neat.no/deal-registration-program for your upfront discount.
You can also apply for credit at neat.no/contact/?apply-for-credit.

Becoming a Neat Reseller Partner is by Neat invitation only. Partners are selected after meeting a set criteria which includes a proven successful track record of meeting the needs of Neat and Zoom customers, as well as an investment and commitment into the Partner Program. For more information on becoming a Neat Reseller Partner, contact partners@neat.no.

No, not at this time. Currently, Neat as a Service is a direct to customer offering available through neat.no.

Contact partners@neat.no with any questions regarding Neat’s Partner Program.

Neat Authorized Partners can sign up for access to the partner portal which provides a range of resources to support successful go to market efforts. For access to the Neat Partner Portal, visit neat.no/partners.

We created the Neat Referral program to give partners the opportunity to sell Neat with no strings attached. Referral Partners bring new customer opportunities to Neat and purchase systems directly from us to transact with the end customer. There are just a few steps to get started.

To participate as a Neat Referral Partner;

  1. Agree to Neat’s General Terms & Conditions (neat.no/terms-and-conditions/)
  2. Register deal through (neat.no/deal-registration-program/)
  3. Fill out the Neat Credit Application (neat.no/contact/?apply-for-credit)

Someone in our sales team will reach out to you directly as a follow up.

Neat as a Service FAQs

Neat as a Service is a global subscription service directly from Neat that allows any Zoom customer to subscribe to Neat devices for their meeting spaces by paying an affordable, fixed price paid annually or monthly. Neat subscriptions include rental of a Neat device with all the latest software releases and support from Zoom. Add your existing Zoom Rooms or free Zoom for Home license to the Neat device and begin experiencing Zoom Rooms the Neat way. NaaS is currently available in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. To take advantage of NaaS in other countries, please contact hello@neat.no.

NaaS enables you to equip your Zoom meeting space with a Neat device for as little as US$ 120 per month. It’s a 24-month service plan that provides all the benefits of Zoom Rooms the Neat way with two flexible payment options. You can either pay annually or monthly. After your 24-month term has expired, you can refresh your current Neat device with a Neat device or allow your subscription to auto-renew for another twelve months. For more information, visit here.

Neat as a Service (NaaS) gives you the option of annual billing with a discount. The billing term for NaaS begins on the first day of the following month. That means that even if you start your subscription on the second day of the month, we won’t bill you until the first day of the next month. Your subscription will automatically renew for a new 12-month term with the same payment terms.

There are two ways you can pay for a Neat as a Service subscription. You can pay via credit card or by establishing credit terms and paying with a purchase order.

Yes. You can manage your payment options from the Orders & Account -> Manage Payment Options page after you sign in.

Adding additional Neat devices within your current subscription term is easy and hassle-free! If your current term has more than 12 months remaining, we’ll simply add the new devices to that term. If your term has less than 12 months remaining, we’ll add the new devices, so all of your devices will co-term with a new 12-month term. This agreement means you don’t have to worry about managing multiple contracts!

Neat offers a 30 day risk free satisfaction guarantee to all customers. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Neat device, you can cancel your Neat subscription and return your Neat device within 30 days of signing up for your Neat subscription for a refund of any subscription charges. Neat will refund any subscription charges once all Neat devices are returned.

You can cancel your Neat as a Service subscription with a 30-day notice period before the expiry date of your current term. Once you notify Neat that you want to cancel, we’ll provide you with return instructions and send you all the necessary return packaging materials and paid shipping labels. All you need to do is box your Neat device with all components, and ship back to Neat within ten days of the receipt of the return packaging. Your subscription will end on the last day of the following month after your cancellation, provided you have returned your Neat devices! Neat will continue to invoice and charge you until we receive your Neat devices. If the Neat device gets reported lost or arrives back at Neat damaged, we’ll invoice you for any damages.

No. Customers are only eligible to exchange Neat devices after their initial 24-month contract term.

Yes. You can exchange any Neat device for a new Neat hardware model of the same device or upgrade to a different Neat device at the end of your initial 24-month term.

As your initial contract term is nearing the end, simply contact orders@neat.no with a notice to refresh. We will ship your new Neat device to you in advance and you will need to return your current Neat device. A refresh of your Neat as a Service device does require a new 24-month term for all units under rental with new fees.

If you are experiencing issues specific to your Neat device, please reach out to us at support@neat.no.

If the issue you are encountering is a Zoom-specific issue, then please reach out to Zoom team (you will need to raise Zoom support ticket with a Zoom administrator’s account).

If in doubt, you can contact us at support@neat.no and we can direct you to the right place!

For any questions regarding your Neat as a Service subscription, contact orders@neat.no.

Yes. Neat devices are sold with a 1-year warranty included. We also offer additional 1 or 2 year extended warranties at the time of purchase.

The warranty price varies depending on the product you are buying. You can find out the extended warranty prices by adding items to your cart and choosing the ‘pay in full’ option; a pop-up will appear to show you the extended warranty prices for the items in your cart. Alternatively, please get in touch with your Neat representative or use the live chat or email option to reach out to us.

If for some reason your Neat device breaks during your warranty period, please contact support@neat.no and we will arrange a replacement.

Support, warranty & returns

Neat will provide support for Neat devices running current released software version and the previous released software version.

  • By current released software, we mean software available through both ‘stable’ and ‘preview’ channels. Although, please note that the ‘preview’ channel software should be used for testing purposes only and not for wider production use.
  • By prior released software, we mean the last ‘stable’ software release before the current ‘stable’ was promoted.

If you have opted out of ‘Automatic updates’ on your Neat device, you will become responsible for manually upgrading all your Neat devices using the Zoom Room or Microsoft Teams administrator portal.

To ensure you can always get support from Neat’s technical team, please make sure you keep your devices on a supported software release. If you encounter an issue with older software (outside our support policy), when you reach out to us for technical support, we will ask you to upgrade to a supported software release first.

For any questions or concerns, or if you need Neat’s technical team, please email us at support@neat.no.

Neat devices are sold with a 1-year warranty included. We also offer additional 1 or 2 year extended warranties at the time of purchase. Extended warranty prices are listed on neat.no.

View our complete warranty statement here.

You have a full 30 days to try out any Neat product risk-free. If you love it, keep it. If it’s not the right fit, we’ll gladly accept your return and credit you for the full amount of your order, including shipping upon receipt of the returned unit at our warehouse. For more information on Neat’s purchasing or return policies, email orders@neat.no.

Try Neat Bar and Neat Pad risk free for 30 days. If you love it, keep it. If it’s not the right fit, we’ll gladly accept your return and credit you for the full amount of your order, including standard ground shipping upon receipt of the returned unit at our warehouse. For more information on Neat Bar and Neat Pad purchasing or return policy, email orders@neat.no.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase of Neat Board.  If for some reason it’s not the right fit, just return it within 30 days of purchase.  Neat will gladly accept your return and credit you the amount of your order minus a restocking fee of US$ 1000 which covers packing, transportation, and handling. For more information on Neat Board purchasing or return policy, email orders@neat.no