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Known issues on Neat devices are kept up to date in our latest release notes.

To find our latest known issues, navigate to, select the most recent release notes, then navigate to the known issues section of the article.

Yes. You can share content with all Neat devices, whether in a remote meeting or with teammates right there in the meeting room. Of course, the easiest way is to use a direct share from your Zoom client, but you can also share content using an HDMI cable.

Zoom Rooms can join a Microsoft Teams meeting using the Microsoft Teams Direct Guest Join for Zoom Rooms feature. More information can be found on Zoom’s Support Site.

There is only one model per Neat product. At the end of the out of box setup, you will be asked to choose your conferencing platform.

Often referred to as Neat Symmetry, Individual auto framing is an innovation that aims to restore visual balance between remote home workers and meeting-room participants.

With Individual auto framing, we can now dynamically frame individuals in the meeting room and join the frames together, eliminating the distance between them. The result is a single frame with multiple meeting participants, all roughly at the same size.

For more details, please read this article about Neat auto framing.

Yes, Neat devices support full Zoom digital signage functionality. Please see here for more info:

The default volume can be set on Neat Pad: Go to ‘Settings’ – ‘Speaker’ – ‘Volume’.

Neat Pad natively runs Zoom Rooms, enabling you to connect to your Zoom meeting via several familiar ways. If someone has already reserved the meeting room, you only have to tap ‘Start meeting’. To find the person you want to meet with or invite someone to meet with you on the fly tap ‘Meet now’. You can even connect to your meeting by tapping ‘Join’, located on the left-hand side of the interface, then by typing in the meeting ID for the meeting you wish to join.

You can find more details about the meeting controls for the Zoom Rooms interface here.

To create a recording when using your Neat Bar, you can press the Record button on your Neat Pad. Note that you must be the host of a meeting in order to be able to record it, or have permission to do so from the meeting’s host. When you begin the recording, it will be uploaded to the cloud. Once the meeting is over, a link to your recording will be emailed to you.

No. Neat Pad connects to your calendaring system through Zoom so that you can reserve a meeting room directly from your calendaring system. However, with Neat Pad configured as a scheduling display, you can also book the room directly from Neat Pad without having to go through your desktop calendaring system.

Please go to the Zoom administrator page and navigate to ‘Rooms’. Once you have chosen your specific room to edit, you can find the option ‘Start HDMI content share manually on controller’. Enabling this setting will prevent automatic sharing of content in the meeting.

Neat Bar has an HDMI in port and supports sharing screen content with audio via an HDMI cable. Note that this only supports 1080p30 resolution for content sharing and therefore you should connect a laptop that is capable of supporting this resolution.

Additionally, you can use ‘direct sharing’ (no cables required) offered by Zoom. There are two options for direct sharing:

  • Ultrasound proximity sharing: you just bring your laptop running Zoom desktop client near the Neat Bar and press the ‘Share screen’ button your laptop.
  • If proximity detection doesn’t work, you can activate direct sharing by entering a Sharing Key or Meeting ID. Click on Neat Pad’s ‘Share content’ button and you will see a Sharing code/Meeting ID. Now on your Zoom desktop client -> Home -> click on ‘Share screen’ and you’ll be asked to enter either Sharing Key or Meeting ID.

You can change your video layout by clicking on the ‘Change View option shown on your Neat Pad Zoom Room Controller. The options are ‘Speaker’, ‘Gallery’ or ‘Thumbnail’. If you would like to see multiple participants, you can choose the Gallery view.

However, if this is not working as expected, it is possible you have your TV screen connected to the incorrect HDMI port of your Neat Bar. Please ensure that when using a single TV screen, you are connected to the HDMI 1 port of your Neat Bar to your TV monitor. If you have a second screen, you can use HDMI 2 port of your Neat Bar.

Support, warranty & returns

Neat will provide support for Neat devices running current released software version and the previous released software version.

  • By current released software, we mean software available through both ‘stable’ and ‘preview’ channels. Although, please note that the ‘preview’ channel software should be used for testing purposes only and not for wider production use.
  • By prior released software, we mean the last ‘stable’ software release before the current ‘stable’ was promoted.

If you have opted out of ‘Automatic updates’ on your Neat device, you will become responsible for manually upgrading all your Neat devices using the Zoom Room or Microsoft Teams administrator portal.

To ensure you can always get support from Neat’s technical team, please make sure you keep your devices on a supported software release. If you encounter an issue with older software (outside our support policy), when you reach out to us for technical support, we will ask you to upgrade to a supported software release first.

For any questions or concerns, or if you need Neat’s technical team, please email us at

Neat devices are sold with a 1-year warranty included. We also offer additional 1 or 2 year extended warranties at the time of purchase. Extended warranty prices are listed on

View our complete warranty statement here.

You have a full 30 days to try out any Neat product risk-free. If you love it, keep it. If it’s not the right fit, we’ll gladly accept your return and credit you for the full amount of your order, including shipping upon receipt of the returned unit at our warehouse. For more information on Neat’s purchasing or return policies, email

Try Neat Bar and Neat Pad risk free for 30 days. If you love it, keep it. If it’s not the right fit, we’ll gladly accept your return and credit you for the full amount of your order, including standard ground shipping upon receipt of the returned unit at our warehouse. For more information on Neat Bar and Neat Pad purchasing or return policy, email

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase of Neat Board.  If for some reason it’s not the right fit, just return it within 30 days of purchase.  Neat will gladly accept your return and credit you the amount of your order minus a restocking fee of US$ 1000 which covers packing, transportation, and handling. For more information on Neat Board purchasing or return policy, email