How to enable Music mode on Neat

Last updated on September 5, 2022

In traditional conferencing scenarios, Neat will try to attenuate any background noise so that the active speaker’s voice is clearly heard by the remote participants. However, in some conferences and classes, it may be desirable to send background audio (e.g. music), alongside the speaker’s voice.

With Neat’s Music mode, your meeting participants will be better able to hear the music being played in the background during a session. This is very useful in situations such as fitness or music classes, where participants need to be able to hear both the instructor’s voice and the background music.

Music mode is currently a beta feature.

Enable Music mode:

Login into the Neat devices web interface. Then go to ‘Audio & video’ -> ‘Music mode’. For more information how to get to the web interface, check this article:

IMPORTANT: We recommend only using Music mode for sessions where music is being played. Please do not leave it enabled for sessions with no music.