Organizations on Neat Pulse Control

Last edited on November 1, 2023

There is no limit to the number of organizations a user can be added to in Neat Pulse Control. Users can have different privileges in each organization they are in, which means customers can add users from outside their organization as users of any type. Moving from one organization to another does not require signing in/out.

To view the list of organizations, click on the current organization name from the left-hand menu.

In the example below, clicking on ‘Neat – Support org‘ (Figure 1) takes the user to the Organization view (Figure 2) where they are able to view the two organizations they are member of on Pulse Control (e.g. Neat – Support org and Neat Pulse – PS).

Figure 1: Click on the name of the current organization to view the list of orgs they are part of (next figure)
Figure 2: User is able to view and choose from a list of organizations they are a member of

Adding a user to your organization

Adding a user to Neat Pulse Control is very simple and the process is the same if you are adding someone from within your company or an external party.

Please see the instructions on how to add a new User and assigning them different permissions in User types on Neat Pulse Control.