Upcoming changes for Neat Pulse from February 1, 2024 

Last updated May 7, 2023

In August 2023, Neat launched a new service offering known as Neat Pulse. Neat Pulse is designed to provide IT administrators with access to our powerful management platform (Pulse Control), premium technical support (Pulse Care) and extended warranty (Pulse Cover). Neat Pulse is designed to give customers complete peace of mind when it comes to deploying and maintaining our devices. 

All customers, regardless of their Pulse subscription status, are covered by Neat support through January 31, 2024. Starting February 1, 2024, Neat support moves to a paid model where support is offered by Pulse subscription. We encourage our customers to review our Pulse plans to select the option that works best for their organization. 

Neat’s rapid growth and expanding portfolio of products and services has led to the common industry practice of a paid support model, which will allow us to invest in an expanded support team that can better address customer issues in a timely manner.  

You can find more information about Neat Pulse by visiting https://neat.no/pulse/?plans


Neat realizes the importance of clear and straightforward communications on the upcoming changes to our support and RMA policies. Below you will find a summary of what is changing, effective February 1, 2024. 

Pulse entitlement review: 

  • Customers and partners who reach out to the Neat technical support team will be asked to provide the serial number of their Neat device so that the team can check their Pulse status. This will determine how their support ticket is handled.  

Pulse Pro and Pulse Plus customers:  

  • Devices under Pulse Pro and Plus subscriptions will be placed on a priority queue and handled according to the Pulse Pro/Plus terms and conditions (e.g. fast initial response times, advanced troubleshooting, and so forth).  

Returns processing for Pulse Pro and Extended warranty: 

  • RMA requests for devices under an active Pulse Pro or Extended Warranty will be handled with priority and Advanced Hardware Replacement (AHR) will be invoked. The replacement device shipment will be expedited by Neat returns team and a return label will be sent to the customer to return their defective device. The replacement device may be new or recertified. Replacements for dead-on-arrival (DOA) units will always be new. 

Returns processing for Limited Warranty/ Pulse Starter/ Pulse Plus: 

  • Customers who do not have Pulse Pro or Extended warranty on their devices, will have 1-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty. You can email support@neat.no and explain the nature of your hardware issue to get approval for an RMA. Customer is responsible for returning the defective device and replacement device will be sent via Ground shipping upon receipt of the defective device. You can find more information on Neat Warranty, RMA and Supply chain for Limited warranty and Pulse guide.  

Technical support for Limited Warranty/ Pulse Starter: 

  • Customers who do not have Pulse Pro or Plus subscription will have 1 year of Level 1 technical support on a best-effort basis for software and general support (not hardware issues). Beyond the first year, you must purchase Pulse Pro or Plus subscription to continue to access technical support assistance from Neat. You can find more information on Neat Technical Support for Limited Warranty and Pulse guide.