Neat Bar Gen 2 Support

Neat Bar 2

As technology advances and use cases across spaces evolve, Neat’s commitment to designing uncompromisingly simple devices that enable exceptional communication experiences continues. Neat Bar 2 leverages advancements in applying hardware technology to deliver even better video and audio capabilities and further expand experiences across meeting spaces through Neat’s AI solutions. 

Neat Bar 2 is a simple yet highly capable video device that delivers next-generation audio and video quality to Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting spaces.  

Neat Bar 2 seamlessly blends in with any interior style and incorporates a highly sophisticated mic and speaker array, camera, sensors, integrated power supply and lightning-fast video processing. It gives you everything and more in a meeting room device minus the complexity or clutter of running cables across the room. 

Neat Bar 2 is built on our latest collaboration platform offering an upgraded video and audio quality experience from Neat Bar in an even slimmer form factor. It also includes: 

  • More powerful CPU to support future generations of Android and enhanced meeting feature updates
  • Upgraded 50MP camera with dynamic speaker focus
  • USB-C screen share in addition to HDMI share
  • HDMI outputs that support higher resolution (dual 4K screens vs single)
  • Simplified single cable for BYOD with USB-C
  • 4 tracking mics for voice tracking

Neat Bar 2 will be orderable from April 17th and begin shipping at the same time to the following countries: .Australia, Bahrain, Bermuda, Canada, Cayman Island, Chile, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, EU, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Oman, Peru, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, UKI, United States and Uruguay. Shipping to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Vietnam will be available soon.

Neat Bar 2 video device
HDMI cable (6.5 feet / 2 meters)
Ethernet cable (9.8 feet / 3 meters)
Power cable (9.8 feet / 3 meters)
Mount adapter, wall mount, table stand, snap-on mount
2 mm hex key for the mount adapter

Neat Bar 2 ships with a mount adapter, wall mount, table stand, snap-on mount.

A screen mount with VESA interface (up to 600 mm width) is optional and can be purchased separately. Additionally, an extension kit can be purchased to increase the width to 800 mm.

Neat Bar 2 has a 50MP sensor with a capture resolution of 12.5MP and default supports up to 4x digital zoom. The 113 degrees horizontal field of view allows flexible zooming and framing of people throughout your meeting room.

No. There is no privacy shutter on Neat Bar 2. 

Yes. Neat Bar 2 will show a LED indicating ongoing use.

Neat Bar 2 provides real-time sensors that track the number of people in a room and monitor noise and lighting conditions. Neat Bar 2 pairs with Neat Pad as Controller. Neat Pad provides real-time sensors that monitor air quality, temperature and humidity. All of this useful data is accessible to IT administrators from the Neat Pulse platform where Neat Bar 2 is managed and monitored in a centralized and secure way. 

Yes. A screen mount with VESA compatibility up to 600 mm width is sold separately.

An additional extension kit will extend the screen mount to 800 mm width.

Yes. By replacing the mount adapter from Neat Bar with the new mount adapter of Neat Bar 2, the mounts from Neat Bar can be reused. 

Specifications for Neat Bar 2 can be found here.

Like all Neat devices, Neat Bar 2 runs NeatOS which is based on Android. Neat Bar 2 will support Android versions beyond Android 10 similar to Neat Bar Pro, Neat Board 50, Neat Pad, Neat Frame and Neat Center. 

Yes, all Neat video devices support Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Neat Bar 2 will fit the same range of spaces as Neat Bar. 

It is made to support spaces that are up to 16 ft / 5 meter. 

Neat Bar 2 is certified for Microsoft Teams. Zoom certification is pending. We will update Zoom certification status when available. 

25.59 in (650 mm)
2.76 in (70 mm)
2.76 in (70 mm)
Weight: 3.75 pounds (1.7 kg)
Shipping weight including accessories and box: 9.92 pounds (4,5 kg)

Neat Bar 2 has two HDMI outputs and can support up to two displays with 4kp60.

For most scenarios, Neat Center will provide high-quality audio up to 16.4 feet/5 meters distance in all directions. Neat Center will be closer to people, picking up everyone around the table at high fidelity. With 16x mic in a circular array, beams can be formed in any direction.

Neat Symmetry supports 8 frames on Neat Bar 2 as our AI understands where people are in the room and either select one per frame or combine people if they are close.

Yes, Neat Bar 2 supports Neat Center.

Neat Bar 2 provides BYOD through USB-C, so there is only one cable to connect.