Neat devices: Version 20210802 Release Notes

Last updated on August 10, 2021

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Important: From this release, Neat team are introducing a new naming convention for its releases. Previously, our releases were named after the month of release, yet the actual version numbers did not always reflect this information (e.g. May release had version number from April). In order to avoid any such confusion, from this release onwards, we are simplifying the naming convention. From now on, the release name will be the same as the version number of the software packages for our devices.

1. Introduction

This document describes the new features, improvements, bug fixes and known issues in the 20210802 software release for Neat Bar, Neat Pad and Neat Board. 

As long as your Neat device was up and running and on the network after 12:00pm Central European Time (6am US Eastern / 3am US Pacific), on August 4, the initial upgrade would have been downloaded and your system would automatically reboot at 2am local time the following day to apply it.

If your Neat device was not powered up or online, when it is next booted up and connected to the internet, it will download the software and perform the automatic reboot during the following night / early morning.

If you had opted out of automatic upgrades by disabling ‘Automatic updates’ on your Neat device, please note that it will remain on the existing software release and will not upgrade. However, if you would like to upgrade to the 20210802 release, please enable ‘Automatic updates’ and the Neat device(s) will download the latest stable software release and upgrade as above. 

Note: ‘Automatic updates’ can be enabled or disabled by going into Neat’s System settings (from Neat Pad or Neat Board) -> System -> Software Update.

Note: Previous release notes can be found here:

2. What’s in the new upgrade?

The Neat firmware builds in this upgrade are:

  • Neat Bar firmware: NFB1.20210802.1428
  • Neat Board firmware: NFC1.20210802.1428
  • Neat Pad firmware: NFA1.20210802.1628

The built-in Zoom Room versions are: 

  • Zoom Room software version:
  • Zoom Room Controller software version: 5.6.7 (621)

The features introduced in this release are:

This is an improvement/bug-fix release. There are no new features in this release. Please see section 3 for a list of fixed bugs in this release.

3. Fixed bugs and improvements

Issue referenceDescription
CUS-177In the June release, configuring a different NTP server or proxy server during Out-of-Box setup or through Neat’s Systems Settings could fail. This resulted in issues with deployments where customers needed to configure a different NTP server than the default NTP server ( provided by Neat. This is resolved in this release.

4. Known issues

Issue referenceDescription
INBUGS-31‘Unable to verify certificate’ message displayed when uploading CA certificate which has a text part before the actual certificate part. To work-around this issue, copy only the certificate portion (BEGIN CERTIFICATE / END CERTIFICATE) to a file and save it as .pem/.cert etc. 
ZOOM-50When Neat Pads are upgraded to this release, the Zoom portal may list extra entries for them as ‘Android’ devices. This is a cosmetic issue on the Zoom portal and does not affect the device’s functionality. Zoom will be addressing this issue in a future release. Please reach out to for more information on this issue.
ZOOM-85When a Neat Pad is used as a 3rd-party controller for a non-Neat device (e.g. other Windows or Mac based Zoom Rooms), it no longer plays the ultrasonic pairing sound. The root cause of this issue is the same reason as ZOOM-50 and Zoom will be addressing this in a future release.

5. How to check if you have the new build

Zoom Rooms Version / Controller Version: Click on the Settings button on the lower left corner of Neat Pad or Neat Board. Then click on ‘About’. The Zoom software version numbers will be displayed on the right.

Neat Board/ Neat Bar / Neat Pad Firmware Versions: Click on the Settings button on the lower left corner of Neat Pad or lower right corner of Neat Board. Then click on ‘General’ and on the right, you’ll see the meeting room name displayed. Below the room name, you should find an option named ‘System Settings’. If you click on this, you’ll be prompted to enter the system passcode (this passcode is listed with the room settings in the Zoom Room administrator portal).

You will now have entered Neat’s System Settings. Next navigate from System Settings -> System -> About and you should be able to view the serial number and firmware versions for each device.

You can also see the serial number and firmware version of your Neat devices in the Zoom Room administrator portal – just click on the room name, and then click on the name of each device.

6. Getting help from Neat

We encourage you to visit our support website and view new articles, FAQs, how-to  and troubleshooting guides which are being regularly added there. Please search the following page to find answers to your common questions or problems:

If you encounter an issue with your Neat device, please email: and one of our technical support engineers will reach out to you.

Note: Neat provides support on Neat devices running current released software, or running software from the previous release. For more information on our support policy, please see the article ‘Neat’s technical support policy’.

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