Neat Preview Channel Firmware

Last updated on April 17, 2023

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1. Introduction

This document details what features, updates, and bug fixes are new in the Neat Preview channel when compared to the Stable update channel.

To switch to the Preview update channel on your Neat device, enter your Neat system settings and follow the menu path System -> Software update -> Update channel -> Preview Channel.

If you had opted out of automatic upgrades by disabling ‘Automatic updates’ on your Neat device, please note that it will remain on the existing software release and will not upgrade. If you would like to upgrade to the latest release, please enable ‘Automatic updates’ and the Neat device(s) will download the latest firmware release and upgrade the Preview channel as above. Automatic updates can be toggled by going into Neat’s System settings (from Neat Pad or Neat Board) -> System -> Software Update.

NOTE: This article only contains differences between the Preview and Stable update channels. For a full list of features and bug fixes included in our last major update, please see our latest version release notes:

2. What’s new?

Currently there are no differences between the firmware versions available in the Stable update channel and the Preview update channel.

Released: Saturday April 15th

The following Zoom Room versions are available

  • Zoom Room Appliance software version: 5.14.0 (2867)
  • Zoom Room Controller software version: 5.14.10 (1920)

This is a major update from Zoom with many exciting new features! More information about the latest version of Zoom can be found here:

3. Fixed bugs and improvements

Please see our current version release notes for a full list of issues on Neat devices that have been recently resolved:

4. Known issues

Please see our current version release notes for a full list of known issues on Neat devices:

5. How to check if you have the new build

Zoom Rooms Software Versions: Click on the Settings button on the lower left corner of Neat Pad, Neat Board, or Neat Frame. Then click on ‘About’. The Zoom software version numbers will be displayed on the right.

Microsoft Teams Software Versions: Click on the “More” button on the main screen of the Neat Pad, Neat Board, or Neat Frame. Then click on “Settings” and “About” and the Microsoft Teams software version numbers will be displayed.

Neat Firmware Versions: From your Neat system settings, navigate from System Settings -> System -> About and you should be able to view the serial number and firmware versions for each device.

You can also see the serial number and firmware version of your Neat devices in the Zoom Room administrator portal and the Teams Admin Center (TAC) online portal.

6. Getting help from Neat

We encourage you to visit our support website and view new articles, FAQs, how-to  and troubleshooting guides which are being regularly added there. Please search the following page to find answers to your common questions or problems:

If you encounter an issue with your Neat device, please email: and one of our technical support engineers will reach out to you.

Note: Neat provides support on Neat devices running current released software, or running software from the previous release. For more information on our support policy, please see the article ‘Neat’s technical support policy’.

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