Neat Board 50

Neat Board 50

Neat Board 50 is a unique, moveable all-in-one collaboration device that goes beyond audio and video meetings and acts as  a digital canvas to elevate creative ideation sessions. It is completely adaptable to any space, even creating a space within a space where needed. Using the revolutionary adaptive stand or adaptive mount, the screen can be effortlessly adjusted up or down for optimal use and viewing with just a touch. Two Neat Board 50s can also be joined together running different apps on each screen in the same session for an even more powerful and immersive collaboration and meeting experience. Additionally, Neat Board 50 comes with Neat Active Marker, which provides just the right amount of friction and response to allow users to write, markup or sketch as they naturally would.

Neat Board 50 is available for pre-order beginning June 7th, 2023.

First customer shipments for Neat Board 50 will begin in October, with general availability to follow.

Neat Board 50 offers four different mounting options. It ships with the included table stand for super easy deployment. We also offer our custom low profile wall mount that enables sleek room integrations, and the new groundbreaking adaptive wall mount and adaptive stand that allow the screen to be effortlessly adjusted up or down for optimal use and viewing with just a touch and moved where needed.

No. Neat designs unique custom mounting options across our Neat hardware devices. Neat Board 50’s floor stand has been designed specifically to address its ultimate portability.

Because of its smaller size and different feature set Neat Board 50 is a more flexible device compared to the bigger 65” Neat Board. Its reduced physical size makes it easier to ship, install, move between and use in any sized space.

Yes. Like all Neat devices, Neat Board 50 supports Zoom, Microsoft Teams and a range of business apps where it makes sense.

Neat’s adaptive mount, and the adaptive floor stand allows Neat Board 50 to be adjusted 350 mm /13.8 inches up and down. This enables users to easily adjust the height when they are annotating or when seated.

Yes. Neat Board 50 supports BYOD through a single cable  by offering its camera, microphone and speakers as USB devices while concurrently supporting DP alt. mode via USB-C.

Yes. Neat Board 50 supports up to 90W via USB-C PD, making it possible to charge laptops and cellphones from it.