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Neat Center

Neat Center is a companion device that extends the power of Neat video devices and Neat Symmetry by enabling remote attendees to see and hear those in the meeting room better than ever, regardless of where in-room participants are seated or looking. Pairing with primary Neat devices Neat Bar, Neat Bar Pro and Neat Board, Neat Center further addresses the balance between remote attendees and in-room participants. It brings remote attendees to the center of the conversation for greater equity and inclusion, elevating the sense of everyone being in the room together. For example, when those in the room turn away from the primary device to talk among themselves, Neat Center gives remote attendees clear and unobtrusive audiovisuals, helping them maintain conversational context and pick up on any nonverbal cues.

Pricing & Availability

Neat Center will begin shipping Fall 2023.

Neat Center will be available for pre-order in summer and will begin shipping later in Fall 2023. You can sign up to receive a notification when we release more information here.

Pricing for Neat Center will be released when Neat Center is available for pre-order. You can sign up to receive a notification when we release more information here.


Neat Center has built-in WiFi for future feature enhancements.

Neat Center will pair with your Neat video device over the network.

No. Neat Center is designed to work with Neat video devices and will not support third-party video devices. Neat Center has distributed intelligence that works together with Neat video devices to enhance the meeting experience for far-end meeting participants.

Yes, Neat Center connects through the network, so an additional Neat Center device can be configured to extend audio and vision for those on video even further.

No. Neat Center connects to one Neat video device. However, multiple Neat Center devices can be connected through the network within the meeting space.

Yes, it will connect via Power over Ethernet.

Neat Center connects to Neat video devices including Neat Board, Neat Bar and Neat Bar Pro.

No. Neat Center is a companion to Neat video devices.


Yes. There will be a tripod screw mount on the bottom of Neat Center.

Neat Center is designed to be unobtrusive, providing a great view of people around the table without hindering their lines of sight. Neat Center will feature multiple mounting options to accommodate the best point of view for the scenario. Neat Center measures 11 in/28 cm tall and 3.15 in/8 cm wide.

Yes, Center will feature an omnidirectional status indicator.

All you need is in the box. We offer a range of mounting options to suit your needs this includes free standing on the table, fixed to the table and hanging from the ceiling.

No. There is no privacy shutter on Neat Center.

Neat Center houses an omnidirectional 3x lens camera and a 16 element circular microphone array.

Yes, Neat Center has a Kensington compatible lock slot.

Software & Experience

Like all Neat devices, Neat Center is a breeze to set up and install, with just a single cable for network and power and automatic pairing to your Neat video device.

Neat Center frames those in the meeting space centered around the conversation, typically up to 8 people. You can connect multiple Neat Center devices in the same meeting space to accommodate different meeting space configurations.

For most scenarios, Neat Center will provide high quality audio and video up to 10 feet/3 meters. Neat Center will be closer to people, picking up everyone around the table at high fidelity. With 16x mic in a circular array beams can be formed in any direction. The 3x lens camera system will be able to pick up people in any direction.

Neat Center works well in small to large meeting rooms. Wherever the conversation may shift gravity to local conversation Neat Center will help the far end see and hear better. But it also offers a flexible, self-calibrating 360 degree design along with versatile installation options making it suitable for an endless variety of spaces and configurations.

Neat Center extends the Neat Symmetry experience by giving remote participants the best view of everyone in the room (a mix of front and center). It also broadens the audio pickup, so people can clearly hear what anyone says regardless of what way they’re facing.

Neat Center will provide video and audio to the front-of-room device and our intelligence will ensure to utilize multi-stream.

Yes. Neat Center is a companion to Neat video devices. All Neat video devices support Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Neat Center will run Neat OS and be working as an extension to the front of the room Neat device as it’s main device. It will run Neat OS and have the same secure network and software capabilities as all Neat devices.