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At Zoomtopia 2020, Neat launched a range of devices that address people returning to work and working from home in the new normal. Specifically, Neat Bar Pro for larger meeting rooms and Neat Personal devices Neat Frame and Neat One for Zooming from home.

At Zoomtopia 2020, Neat shared its plans for a series of reliable personal devices that are in development. These devices will support various customer needs in the new normal. They will address the challenges Zoom users have faced over the past several months, removing distractions such as unwanted noise and background clutter, help you always look and sound your best and free up your laptop for non-video calls. Neat recognizes that one size doesn’t fit all. So, similar to our meeting room portfolio, Neat will offer devices in various forms, depending on what best suits your space and situation. The Devices are called Neat Frame and Neat One.

Neat Frame is a beautifully designed all-in-one Zoom for Home device that makes it easy for users to meet while always looking and sounding their best. The combination of the unique 15.6” portrait touch screen and its superb camera ensures people always feel connected. With Neat Acoustic Bubble, unwanted background noises are naturally excluded. Neat Frame has a small footprint and can easily be moved around.

Neat One is the world’s first personal USB device that packs a high-quality camera, an advanced mic array and speakers into one sleek package. Neat One connects via USB-C to your laptop to deliver a superior video and audio experience to your Zoom client or any other video app of your choice. It also includes Neat Acoustic Bubble, naturally excluding unwanted background noise. With Neat One, users can run their meetings from their laptop using an external screen of their choice, while ensuring they always look and sound their best. Neat One makes your personal video experience an elevated one.

Neat Frame will be available for pre-order from beginning August 30, 2021 and will begin shipping before the end of the year. You can sign up to receive a notification when we release more information, here.

Neat One will be available for pre-order from beginning September 30, 2021. We will release more information then. You can sign up to receive a notification here.

Pricing for Neat Personal devices will be released Spring 2021 when Neat Frame and Neat One are slated for pre-order. As with all Neat devices, Neat Personal devices will be packed with features and available directly from for pre-order.

Contact Neat at to learn more about Neat Frame and Neat One and how they can address your Zoom for Home needs.

Like all Neat devices, Neat Personal devices will run Neat OS, with all OS properties (network, language, time zone, etc.) managed via the Zoom portal and Neat OS system settings. All software upgrades will be done through the Zoom portal.

Neat Frame only runs Zoom, to make it really easy for the users to uplevel the Zoom experience to the best it can be at the desk. Neat One extends your laptop with a much better camera, microphone and speaker and can therefore be used with any video conferencing app.

The portrait screen of Neat Frame is designed to give you a superior experience where you can always see people and content at the same time. It is not designed to double as a PC monitor.

Yes. Neat Personal devices can easily be moved around, depending on where you wish to communicate. For example, with only one cable and a handle on the back, you can place Neat Frame anywhere that’s best for you, whether that’s at home in your kitchen, lounge, home office or elsewhere. Neat One can easily fit into your laptop bag.