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Neat Pulse

Neat Pulse Control is a cloud-based subscription offering that provides IT administrators with access to our powerful platform where they can easily choose what to deploy across Neat devices, they can centrally manage and monitor these useful applications for control and get care through our premium support for peace of mind coverage.

Neat Pulse is currently in GA as of August 7th 2023. Existing Neat customers will experience an extremely generous free trial period through December 31, 2023.

The subscription offering provides IT with access to Pulse Control to manage and monitor Neat deployments, Pulse Care for premium support and Pulse Choice for IT to choose Microsoft Teams or Zoom to enable across devices.

Neat Pulse is offered as an annual subscription through Neat channel partners. Existing Neat customers will experience an extremely generous free trial period through December 31, 2023.

More information about getting Neat Pulse can be found here:

Neat Pulse is sold through Neat Channel Partners.

More information about getting Neat Pulse can be found here:

No. But we highly recommend getting Neat Pulse for greater peace of mind, maximizing investments and uptime with Neat devices.

Yes, access to Neat’s app hub will begin in Spring 2024 for Neat Pulse customers. At that time organizations will get access to our first set of certified business applications, including Miro.

No. Neat Pulse Control is only available for Neat devices.

No. Microsoft Teams admin center (TAC) and Zoom Device Management (ZDM) are essential tools for configuring and administering the Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms software applications. Neat Pulse Control complements TAC and ZDM by giving you Neat hardware-specific management features and complete control over your meeting room software and Neat devices.

In addition to the Pulse Control platform, Neat Pulse maximizes your investment with your Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms by including technical support from Neat experts and extended warranty to ensure a smooth and reliable meeting experience throughout your spaces.

Neat Pulse Control will provide Neat-specific control and monitoring. You’ll have the ability to change Neat firmware settings, apply settings profiles, and enjoy secure remote control and other functions unavailable via ZDM and TAC for Neat devices. In the future, you’ll also be able to get environmental and room usage data with Neat Pulse Control.

You can sign up to receive more information about Neat Pulse here.

Neat's app hub

Access to Neat’s app hub will begin in Spring 2024. At that time organizations get access to our first set of certified business applications, including Miro.

Neat is going beyond what’s been done before by creating a selection of curated applications that provide consistent specialized experiences for users across Neat devices to support various workspaces. These certified applications can be centrally deployed, managed and monitored by IT across Neat devices. Users can then switch between the business applications where it makes sense. Relevant business applications can even join a Zoom or Teams meeting using a patent-pending capability.

The number of business applications are limitless. Our customers are looking for Neat devices to support:  

  • Workplace management to address digital signage, visitor management, wayfinding and room bookings.
  • Team collaboration with access to online workspaces for distributed teams to brainstorm, ideate, plan and create.  
  • Fun and common tools that move, inspire and energize teams.

Neat will support certified business applications through Neat Pulse beginning Spring 2024.

Neat is currently working with leading business app providers to certify existing collaboration and workspace management tools on Neat devices. These applications include:

Workplace management: AppSpace, Clebex, Robin, SharingCloud, Smarten Spaces
Cross functional collaboration: Slack, Miro, Mural, What’s App

Neat will also provide browser access to enable access to limitless web applications and resources such as Jira, Trello, SalesForce, YouTube, Spotify and more.

Yes. Workplace management applications that are used to address things like digital signage, wayfinding and meeting space bookings can be deployed with Microsoft Teams or Zoom on a Neat device to support meeting space needs. For example, a Neat Pad running Robin for room booking can run in the same meeting space as a Neat Bar running Zoom or Microsoft teams.

Yes. Once IT enables the business applications on a Neat video device, those applications are accessible to users from a menu on the device. Users can switch between the accessible applications when needed.  For instance, IT can enable apps such as Miro, browser and Slack on Neat Frame. Users will be able to click on the browser icon to experience a web application and then click out of the browser and click on the Slack icon to experience that application.

No. A user can not switch between Zoom, Microsoft Teams and business  applications. This capability is not supported by Zoom or Microsoft Teams at this time. However, IT administrators can choose to reset a Neat device to run Microsoft Teams, Zoom or business applications across meeting spaces when/if needed.

Yes. Neat’s patent pending technology enables relevant business applications running on a Neat video device to join a Zoom or Teams meeting running on a different Neat video device in the same space. For example, a Neat Board running Miro can join a Neat Bar Pro running Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting as a companion in a meeting space.

Neat certified business apps are accessible through Neat Pulse. Within Neat Pulse, IT administrators can select from the growing list of certified applications that make sense for their business. The selected apps can then be enabled across the entire organization or across a subset of Neat devices, giving IT complete control to provide access where it makes sense.

Individual apps will be certified for individual devices, so not all apps will run on all devices. E.g. a scheduling app like Robin will only run on our Neat Pad. A whiteboarding app like Miro will only run on devices with touch displays, like Neat Board and Neat Board 50. Some apps may initially run on a select number of devices and later be expanded to support more devices, subject to further development by the respective app development partner.

Yes, IT administrators have complete control through Neat Pulse Control over what applications are enabled across their entire Neat deployment. Users only have access to those apps that IT has enabled on the device.

Neat Pulse will automatically upgrade applications by default and will also provide the ability for IT to try out beta versions of software where an app provider allows.

Yes. We’ve got our initial apps lined up to make available and we are just getting started. We are opening this up to limitless applications to support different work styles and vertical use cases where existing applications can be certified and new apps can be developed.

Businesses and developers can submit a simple form to have their app considered for certification. Business applications will need to meet Neat’s stringent requirements to become certified for Neat devices. This certification program ensures a quality experience for users. The submission will be reviewed by our Neat app hub team who will respond with details and next steps. The submission form can be found here.