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Neat Bar Pro

Neat Bar Pro offers everything customers love about Neat Bar, but takes everything up a notch from Neat Bar. It’s a powerful yet simple and elegant purpose-built device designed for larger meeting rooms. Capable of driving three screens and with two extreme resolution cameras that combined deliver up to 16x zoom, Neat Bar Pro enables you to enjoy an incredibly immersive higher-quality people and content experience in frankly any meeting space. Neat Bar Pro also includes Neat Symmetry, an innovative solution to an age-old problem, ensuring close-up viewing of everyone in the room, no matter where they sit. Neat Bar Pro is easy to buy, install and set up and is fully supported by Zoom. It comes with Neat Pad, our dedicated controller or scheduler, and everything you need to install it is in the box. If needed, you can add more Neat Pad devices and use them as either multiple controllers within a meeting room or schedulers for different room entrances. Or deploy a combination of both.

At Zoomtopia 2020, Neat launched a range of devices that address people returning to work and working from home in the new normal. Specifically, Neat Bar Pro for larger meeting rooms and Neat Personal devices Neat Frame and Neat One for Zooming from home.

Neat Bar Pro does everything the Neat Bar does, but takes everything up a notch. This includes enhanced picture quality, improved zoom range, audio pickup and sound quality, all to allow for more than twice as many people and twice the room size.

We designed Neat Bar Pro for larger conference rooms and boardrooms, but it can provide a premium experience in meeting spaces of all sizes. Thanks to its extreme resolution dual-camera module and advanced audio capabilities, it works great in rooms with up to 30 people.

Neat Bar Pro will be available for pre-order directly from June 2021 and ship in Fall 2021.

Like all Neat devices, Neat Bar Pro has sensors for noise, light, people presence, real-time people count, air quality, humidity, CO2 and VOC (organic chemical levels in the room – scents, odors, etc.). Soon, you will be able to view the data from the Zoom portal, helping you support a safe and healthy work environment (supported in Zoom’s upcoming 5.3 release expected in November 2020).

Neat Symmetry is an extremely cool feature that allows far-end participants to see everyone in the meeting room up close and clearly. Hence restoring symmetry between the virtual laptop participants and the physical meeting room participants in a meeting. This is a solution to the age-old problem of not being able to see the people in a meeting room because they are too small in the gallery view.